Long-Term Care Planning


The common statistics that are foisted on Boomers/Seniors is that 7 out of 10 people over the age of 65 will need Long-Term Care (LTC) at some point over the remainder of their lives. And that the average length of a stay in LTC is approx 3/years.

"US Department of Health & Human Services."


But is that the whole story?


Jercon Income Advisors helps our clients determine the best way to handle their LTC risks based on the clients specific financial situation!

  • Self-Insurance.
    • Not just saying you're going to "Self-Insure" to avoid dealing with an unpleasant subject, BUT actually putting a "Written Self-Insurance Plan" in place that outlines what type of care, where it will be received & most importantly, where the money will come for the care.
  • Traditional Long-Term Care insurance policies.
  • Hybrid LTC / Life Insurance / Annuity options.

Analyzing your needs, and your specific financial situation to determine what the best solution is for you & your family...that is what we do at Jercon Income Advisors.




Contact us today to discuss your unique needs.


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