Medicare Planning

Medicare is a confusing program that is tightly wrapped by a number of government regulations. There are so many options & choices, and there are few places you can go to have an expert walk you through the options & solutions for your situation.

When you turn 64, you will be swamped with postcards & phone calls from “salesmen” trying to get you to by their products. But after you are 65, crickets. It’s hard to find an expert willing to help you with your Medicare planning after the initial work has been done. At Jercon Income Advisors we strive to be that expert.

One of the many benefits we offer our clients is every year we will scour the annual formularies (which is just industry jargon for the drug price charts) and make sure your plan covers the prescriptions you need so there are no expensive surprises at the pharmacy every year.

A lot of Boomers/Seniors know that with many agents, once the sale is made, it can be difficult to get a hold of them for subsequent questions or problems because they are off trying to make another sale. That isn’t the case with Jercon Income Advisors. This multi-generational family business is your one-stop educational shop for the Boomer/Senior solutions. We won’t retire while you still need us and leave you with an old policy and the daunting task of searching around for a new trusted advisor.

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